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fallout 4 diamond city blues

To further advance this quest, you can either talk to Paul in the middle of the market or leave Diamond City and then immediately come back.

Even though you've notched another quest under your belt, how you decided to deal with Nelson and Trish will have non-quest repercussions.

Either way, you can acquire information about the location of chems lab. Now, the drug deal is going on at a place just to the north of the city: Back Street Apparel.

A Diamond City, dirigez-vous vers le Club Colonial des gradins pour assister à une scène de ménage entre Paul, Darcy et Henry Cooke (image1).

Diamond City Blues is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.

VATS And You!

Note that you can go up here, but continue past the ramp for now. After you’re victorious go back to that door you skipped and open the [Advanced] lock for some good junk. After dealing with them, you will have a dialogue with Trish and she gives you information about the chem lab of Marowski. You'll eventually get approached by Paul to help him confront Cooke, this will start the quest. Paul will ask you to help him out and come with him to get Henry to leave Darcy alone.

Note: During the confrontation with Henry, you may end up fighting him or just choosing to attack him (both are valid options).
In order to defuse the situation, Assuming the persuasion works, Cooke will promise to break off with Darcy and give Paul a way to make her stay permanently. Inside the door to the left is a [Novice] locked toolbox that you can pick.

Henry will apologize and pledge Darcy will never set foot into the bar again.

Finally, ask her the “How do I get in?” question and she will give you the password for the terminal to the place, “Applejack”, which gives you the key item “Four Leaf Security Password”. Along the way he’ll give you some flavor text and, when you reach your destination, he’ll also furnish you with a plan of attack.

In front of the building, there are several umbrellas and next to them, you can meet robot Wellingham. You can walk there with Henry if you wish, as it isn’t a long walk. Now that the drug deal has been busted, the only thing left to do on this quest is to follow up the Drug Lab tip and: “Gain access to Marowski’s chem lab”. Once done, loot some shelves by a dead body to obtain a Mini Nuke and a Caps Stash, then search the desks with some broken terminals on top of them to find an Overdue Book . As you head downstairs and through the door, kill the Ghoul hiding in the corner behind the barrels and note the locked door here, but keep following Protectron as he continues. You will have several options. There is some first-aid in the bathroom nearby as well, but do not open the door here yet. Now, look around for drugs and loot, nabbing whatever you wish. Head through an open door to the left but be sure to disarm the chimes first. However, if you have Henry with you, he will not let Trish go, gunning her down (Paul will help if he is here as well). There’s a lot of junk here, if you fancy such fare. ... Have you felt like Diamond City's market area is a little lackluster? Settlement Guide complete with how to set up and manage settlements, what perks are beneficial etc. From the east side head up the stairs and you will make your way to the roof, where you’ll find more Feral Ghouls. Go ahead and interact with it and if you got the password from Trish you will automatically use it and some doors will quite literally magically appear. Return to the cafeteria on the main level of the school - not above it this time, but actually entering the cafeteria - and search around for a Bottlecap Mine Bottlecap Mine in the kitchen area.

He'd like you to ambush a chem deal near Back Street Apparel. In any event, proceed east through another doorway to reach a room above an cafeteria, below. Up here you can find a First Aid Box, some Chems, and some Frag Mines. From there the Asssaultron will wake up and dash at you, after which you’ll need to take out two more Protectron units. After entering you’ll immediately be confronted with locked doors.

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