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african traditions

The folk music of the south of the country is particularly varied, with mainly drum- and xylophone-based compositions of the Bakweri, Bamoun, Beti and Bamiléké, often performed by accompanying masked dancers. Malawi music is currently enjoying an explosion of styles and genres which are showcased in bars, clubs and taverns throughout the country every weekend. Tanzania’s tribal diversity has meant that a vast array of very different – and, for that matter, very similar – traditional musical instruments are employed around the country under a bemusing number of local names. The Bamiléké perform war dances including the lali, protecting the village against invaders, and the tso, where the dancers wear panther skins. When there is a death in the village, njang music is played for three days continuously.

Traditional music can be loosely divided into two groups: the devotional music used to accompany dance and trance during Sufi zikr; and indigenous African traditions involving chanting to the accompaniment of drums and tanbūra (bowl lutes). It is in the north, though, that you are most likely to hear the peculiar ‘talking drum’, an instrument associated with the Sahel, as well as colourfully robed ensembles of Dagomba drummers (one of which we encountered by chance at a funeral in Bolgatanga). Its celebratory strength lies in its ability to be danced to most music, in most circumstances. They are five of many and countless reasons why we are considered one of the most … Ancestor worship and belief is an extension of a belief in and respect for elders. I was taking photos of myself against the overflowing Hartbeespoort Dam when I noticed movement on a rocky outcrop way upstream - 3 naked guys and one older, clothed… Social Sharing Traditionally, Tutsi songs praised excellence and valour; Hutu songs were lighter, sometimes humorous and linked to social occasions; Twa songs related more directly to aspects of their original occupation, hunting. There is nothing quite like home, Loving Mzansi! Traditional African religion is very popular and arrived here with our North and West African ancestors. In the Zulu culture there are mystics or sangomas that are responsible for healing and 'divining' - a kind of fortune telling and counseling. Here are some examples of traditions and cultures as practiced by major ethnic groups in The rare bird, Bannerman’s turaco, is important to the culture of the Kom people, from the highlands of the northwest. They therefore ask the ancestors to communicate on their behalf. More recently, Ghana has by and large relinquished its status as innovator to its francophone neighbours; nevertheless, a practically incessant backdrop of music remains a notable feature of travelling in urban parts of the country, and visitors will find themselves exposed to a rich variety of unfamiliar sounds. A believer's family still has influence over him or her even if they live far away. Known as the Kaapse Klopse it is an extraordinary festival of heritage and colour. Haqiba was predominantly a vocal art, similar to a cappella singing, and it was based on the pentatonic scale: the same five-note scale used in blues. They are five of many and countless reasons why we are considered one of the most diverse nations on the planet with the most to celebrate. Music is at the heart of Sudanese culture, permeating everything from religious ritual to family festivities, and it adds a glorious additional sensory dimension to the sights, smells and tastes of the country. The International Library of African Music (ILAM) also has articles and recordings online at The most important thing is that in the new South Africa religion and spirituality are used to create greater understanding and harmony rather than to divide people as was done in the past. Telephone Booking: 24 hours –
It is performed to a chant and drum beat during transition ceremonies.

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